Dear Visitor,
Please kindly review our arts here
and taste the one of the golden age in Bali art heritage from silakarang today.

Esthetiq, we are global company that perform in mixed interests art studio and creative workshop in silakarang village,
somewhere ahead in singapadu regions, 5 km southward from ubud.

Historically, we, local artists, designers and undagi architects whom playing and trendsetting the decorative arts in bali since 16th century.
The silakarang landscape is our faith and today the kids are getting stronger to play with the glocal modernity issues.

Esthetiq intend to explore and to create such a fresh vision of materials to produce out of the box arts varied from fibre glass, concrete, timber and various local stones.

All our high quality arts formally shipped all over the globe via sea and air cargo.

Please kindly review our arts and taste one of the golden age in Bali art heritage today from Silakarang.

Casting Stone

Stand Lamps

Statue Traditional

Wall Relief

Wood work



Stone works